ASTON Design Philosophy

Since its public launch, we have been thrilled by the high level of enquiry and interest in the innovative and distinctive design of ASTON.  It is certainly contemporary and brings an attractive new style of homes to Hornsby.

ASTON has already been 3 years in the making.  Since purchasing the property in May 2009, the creation of the concepts and designs for ASTON has been a painstaking ‘labour of love’ for us and the design team.  We believe that this has resulted in ASTON’s design being stylish with an elegant simplicity and efficiency. Most importantly ASTON is also warm and inviting and will be a great place to live.

ASTON’s design capitalises on its great location on the fringe of Hornsby’s CBD where residents will have easy and near level walk (rare in Hornsby) to rail, shops, entertainment, schools, shops, clubs, etc and a bus stop at the front door.  ASTON is also built on a large level site that enables the internal and outdoor spaces to easily be connected and to “flow” with minimal need for stairs or ramps.  The existing mature trees are also ideally located where they can be integrated into the extensive landscaping that will be a key feature of ASTON.

For those interested in design, below is an extract from the Design Brief prepared by Dolomite Properties that formed the basis of the architectural design for ASTON created by Architects Johannsen and Associates:

“The buildings and landscaping are to be of good design quality and construction standard that will ‘stand the test of time’ and be respected as a quality building on completion and in the future, by the owners, occupants, the community and the Council.

The site has an area of 3,806m2 and is virtually level.  We are anticipating that the project will incorporate approximately 26 two-storey terrace homes set in beautiful and functional landscaped courtyards and open spaces, with carparking provided in a basement car park.

The majority of these terrace homes (approx 23 terrace homes) being 2 bedroom, terrace homes with a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of between 80m2 to 90m2. The remainder of the terrace homes are proposed to be 3 bedroom terrace homes with GFA’s of approximately 120m2.  These terrace home sizes are to some degree driven by the planning controls contained in Council’s Medium Density Multi-Unit Housing DCP.

The terrace homes should be designed to optimize the space available as efficiently as possible and also integrate the internal and outdoor spaces as much as possible to create a natural flow between them.

We see these challenges as being similar to those achieved by the Volkswagon Golf in the automotive industry so have researched and adapted some of their design objectives for this project.  This includes attributes such as:

  • Create an environment that is attractive, ‘warm’, comfortable and inviting design that is timeless and class-free with universal appeal. 
  • Functional, durable, reliable and low maintenance
  • Designs that are remarkable and designed to last
  • A key aspect is an extremely high level of value.
  • Simple designs that are relatively easy and cost effective to construct to a high standard
  • A design that optimizes the space available so that it is fully usable.

Other items we consider to be important include:

  • Great presentation of the buildings, particularly from the Galston Rd street frontage
  • Beautifully presented landscaping that is also functional, usable and accessible by the occupants of the completed terrace homes.
  • All bedrooms are to be double bed sized with large built-in wardrobes suitable for parents with children or share accommodation.
  • Where reasonably achievable provide much natural light to all rooms (possibly via skylights to wet areas)
  • Building Structure to be concrete or masonry.  Walls will ideally be constructed from a prefabricated wall system so where possible dividing walls and external walls should be straight.”

We welcome any enquiries or questions you may have about the design of ASTON.



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